This is a selection of images from a larger series of photos I have made while taking road trips around Texas over the last few years.  
    At the center of the photographs in this project lies a sense of irony. Indeed, the very title—The Empire of Texas—betrays my sardonic intentions. Texas is an empire only in the most metaphorical way, and the word “empire” conjures up a grandeur that the on-the-ground realities of Texas often do not meet.
   The meaning of my photographs is more often about my perspective of what is portrayed as seen by the camera and lens than it is about the actual subject matter. I am more concerned with how photographs take on meaning, and Texas is but a motif.
   While driving around Texas, I also shot the Texas highways.
    A selection of images from this project recently went on exhibit at the El Paso Museum of Art, opening March 1, 2018, and up through the end of June 2018.
   In August of 2017, I moved to Houston from Santa Fe so I could be closer to this project which is still in progress. Two days after I arrived, so did Hurricane Harvey.


Signed artist pigment proofs of any of these images are available for collection or exhibition:
14″ x 21″ on 17″ x 22″ Museo archival cotton paper. $500@
12″ x 18″ on 13″ x 19″ Museo archival cotton paper. $300@