Over a two year period, I rode on every AMTRAK line in the country and shot over 500 rolls of Tri-X out the windows. I put together a portfolio as I was shooting, and it was for this body of work that I received a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. I never felt I adequately edited it, but It’s my intention to do so one of these days. With almost 40 years of distance since I exposed all that film, I suspect I’d see the shoot a lot differently than I did then. Meanwhile, this is a poor sampling of what I printed at the time. (I will update that in 2018.) I have a record of which train and about where I shot each of these photos, but I’m too lazy to look that up now. They were shot all over the US.
Signed artist pigment proofs of any of these images are available for collection:
14″ x 21″ on 17″ x 22″ Museo archival cotton paper. $500@
12″ x 18″ on 13″ x 19″ Museo archival cotton paper. $300@
 I also have available MANY vintage silver halide prints from this series printed on 11×14 Agfa Protriga and 16×20 Kodak Elite paper; terms negotiable.